Go ahead dummy, pick a fight with #MAGA, let us know how that works out for you.

You know, if you tweet something REALLY stupid and then delete it later because people on Twitter hand your arse to you, we’re only going to make fun of you MORE for deleting it. For those of you who missed Morse’s tweet, it was a picture of a burned MAGA hat on the ground, you can read his copy though because we grabbed it before he had a chance to turn tail and run.


So here’s the funny thing, he deleted the original tweet but left his response to Michael up.

Takes one to know one, chief.


BOOM some more.

Oh, and he didn’t bother to delete these tweets because they must have made him feel all tough and stuff:

So edgy.

And literally the same tweet to both Brandon Morse and Kurt Schlichter.

We’re thinking Kurt really got under his skin because Morse was still tweeting about him this morning.

He’ll likely delete this one before the end of the day as well, seems his MO is to talk smack and run.




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