We cover a lot of gross stuff … after all, our job is covering Twitter and as we all know Twitter is often times like a dirty bathroom in a bus station that hasn’t been cleaned yet this YEAR. Sorry for that visual but we all know it’s true.

And speaking of a disgusting visual, check out this tweet sent to Eric Bolling on Mother’s Day Eve.

We are unable to include the troll’s actual tweet because when Eric addressed him he deleted it.

Have a shred of humanity.

Seems that may be asking too much of our troll friend Marc here.

Thanks though to J.R. Salzman for taking a screenshot so we could share Marc’s ugliness with the whole world … or at least the millions of people who read us every week.

Oh, yeah, that too. So even if Marc hadn’t cowardly deleted the vile tweet, he locked down his account which means only people who follow him can read his tweets.

No big loss.

When even people who don’t care for Bolling are calling you out?

Sadly at this point, covering the Left since Trump won now for nearly two years, we can imagine people hating this much. We see it on a daily basis, HOWEVER, this was pretty damn awful.

If he’s been married that long this guy has to be in his 50’s at least.


We’re going to guess his wife doesn’t know much about what her husband is tweeting.


We can’t show you what Marc said in his defense but we’re pretty sure we’d call BS on it anyway.

Delete your account indeed.


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