As Twitchy reported earlier, David Hogg released his five-point plan to magically end gun violence … if you missed the story here’s his tweet:


Bless his little heart.

He tries so hard. Unfortunately, there is just so much he DOESN’T understand about guns or gun laws, so his putting a platform out there in the first place is unbelievably dense. And sorry not sorry, the ‘he’s just a kid’ argument doesn’t work anymore because not only is he 18 BUT Kyle Kashuv, who actually is still a kid, set him straight.

This here is what you call getting schooled.

And trolls, he left ‘3’ out because he didn’t have an answer for it. #GetAGrip


Now if only David would pay attention and learn a thing or two.

Democracy dies.

This young man desperately needs new talking points.

Seems David doesn’t have an answer at this point for Kyle.

Notice there is no mention of chicken sh*t deputies on David’s platform.

Color us not shocked.


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