Oh good, David Hogg released a five-point platform about how to best strip Americans of their Second Amendment rights … said no one, ever.

Notice how many times the word ‘ban’ pops up in this list so the next time some jack-a-ninny on the Left insists they’re not trying to take our guns you can refer them to this dumpster fire.

  1. There is already funding for this. (WTF is violance?)
  2. We already have background checks.
  3. This is already happening as well.
  4. No
  5. Hell no.

Kids these days.

Oh wait, he’s 18 now, right?

What he said.

Yes, yes he does.

You know, if gun grabbers would just take a moment to research … even just a Google, they’d realize how dense they look when they call for laws that ALREADY FREAKIN’ EXIST.



And yes, she does.

You mean a shooting took place in the gun-control utopia, Australia? But that would mean a bad guy disobeyed the law.



Oh, our sides.

Tell us another one, David.


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