As Twitchy readers know, Wounded Warrior Joey Jones shared his horrific story about the crap treatment he received at the V.A. And if his story alone wasn’t enough to enrage you, check out the unacceptable response he received from Veterans Health after sharing his entire experience on Twitter.

So they’re sorry to hear about his experience but their response is for Jones to talk to someone else and wait longer for service.


They know their care is lacking (and that’s putting it nicely) so pretending that his working with a ‘patient advocate’ will in any way make this better is disingenuous at best.

Government-sponsored health care, y’all. Obamacare fans should probably pay attention to this experience … not that it would change their minds.

Lazy and irresponsible.

Government 101.

Sadly we wouldn’t hold our breath on this happening any time soon.


That or they’re using a script written by one.

Guess we have to do their job for them.

Your tax dollars at work.

Editor’s note: Big thanks to Jake Tapper for drawing attention to Joey’s story: 


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