David Hogg has had a less than stellar day. From releasing his five-point platform to stop gun violence to trying and failing to reassure people he’s not trying to take their guns, things have not gone very well for the young gun-grabber.

We’re not entirely sure why he tried picking a fight with Dana Loesch … maybe he figured since the rest of his day was crap it couldn’t get any worse.


Then enter Hogg.

Awww, this is adorable.

So adorable in fact that Dana totally ignored him, which is ultimately his kryptonite. The worst thing you can do with someone like Hogg is pretend he doesn’t matter.




And while Dana ignored him (win-win), others took up the fight.


Because his handlers have told him he needs to be obsessed with her for the anti-gun narrative.

That’s never stopped him before.


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