This is actually a nice photo of Jim Acosta with his dad.

And we get what he’s trying to do here BUT … we’re not entirely sure it was all that successful. Note: Between this and the stuffed Pepe photo, Jim has not exactly been successful posting pics today and might want to stick to just complaining about Trump. 

Maybe using his dad in this manner to make a political statement about immigration and refugees wasn’t the smartest thing for him to do?

Just spitballin’.

Eeek. And yes.


Not to mention how many successful Cuban baseball players there are in this country.

Nice try though, Jim.

He’s missing the entire point of the conversation around immigration. Americans embrace legal immigrants including refugees who come here ‘legally’. The bigger discussion is about those who break the law to come to our country and then refuse to be actual Americans.

It absolutely is a great picture of both him and his dad.

But the statement he’s trying to make here was all fail.


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