Yeah yeah yeah, we know Kamala, you think it somehow makes sense for you of all people to play the morality card with Gina Haspel. And seriously with this line of questioning? Asking her fairly in-depth and detailed questions and demanding a yes or no answer was just another way for you to play politics …

But go ahead, pretend like you really care about morality.

Seems James Woods didn’t buy her ‘morality’ BS either.

Sadly, too many people in California seem to take her seriously.

Maybe James can start educating people in his state? Ok, that might even be outside of his reach … California is a hot mess of epic proportions.

Kamala was trying to set Gina up, that’s it. And when Gina refused to play her game she got on her high horse and pretended to give a damn about morality. Which is laughable.


Risking one’s life overseas takes a sacrifice someone like Kamala will never understand.


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