We get what Jennifer Mendelsohn was trying to do. Going through Tomi’s ancestry in order to prove her ancestors came from other countries and likely didn’t speak the language when they got here. It was going to be some great GOTCHA moment for the ‘old school journo,’ but all she really did was prove how absolutely deranged the Left has become. Ok, they’ve always been sort of deranged, but the Left with President Trump in place is a whole new BALL of crazy.

See for yourself:

#ResistanceGenealogy? For real?

So what Jennifer found was that Tomi’s ancestors came to America and managed to assimilate over time and become Americans … like most of our ancestors. In essence, all she really did was make Tomi’s point about LEGAL immigrants for her, but hey, if she felt like this was magical slam dunk more power to her.

Ok. Now that she’s doxed Tomi’s ancestors she’s off to spend time with her family.

That’s adorbs.

Jennifer, we’d have had more respect for what you did if you admitted it was a gotcha, but nice try.

Now now, you can’t expect her to actually discuss the point Tomi was trying to make, even if she didn’t do it very well. She had a ‘gotcha’ to post, dammit!

Who has this much free time? Seriously.

Ooh, good point. When does she pull Elizabeth Warren’s ancestry?


Her point was to make a cheap dig at someone she disagrees with politically to put her in her place, and no amount of claiming otherwise changes that. And full transparency, this editor rarely if ever agrees with much of what Tomi Lahren says, but this level of creepy and mean is just so uncalled for. Debate ideas all day long, but if you find yourself stalking someone’s ancestry so you can tweet it, it might be time to put the Twitter down.


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