If this is the first thing you think to tweet on a day like Mother’s Day, it might indeed be time to put the Twitter down. Then again, as we reported earlier, Cameron Kasky may have learned this from his dad whose name we won’t mention because we think it’s time for him to stop using his son for fame.

Here’s the tweet:

Just bad.

To do this on Mother’s Day? No, we’ll take up your tweet with you, kiddo.

That. ^

Especially on Mother’s Day.

Just seems hateful, petty, and small.

Honestly, we’re starting to feel sorry for Kasky if this is what his activism is turning into. At least David Hogg is trying to pretend he cares about the country (even though it’s pretty much all fail) but Cameron just seems like any other resistor wearing a pink hat.


Too late.

Listen to this, Cameron.

You got a LOT of growing up to do.


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