As a Twitchy editor, just when you think you’ve covered quite possibly the dumbest reactions to Trump you can possibly cover, Trevor Noah comes along and proves you wrong.

And that’s not a good thing.

Mark Levin seems to agree that Noah’s latest Trump dig is nothing more than hot garbage.

And fair point, Brian loves to sit with his thumb up his backside and let propagandists like Noah spew BS he himself doesn’t have the courage to spew.

From Mediaite:

“I said from the very beginning that Donald Trump reminds me of an African dictator. And if you know anything about African dictators, the first thing you have to do is follow the money. And you follow the money with the people closest to them, family members, business associates…” Noah said.

Continued …

Noah then stressed that if there was nothing to the Cohen story, it would quickly disappear.


We see what you did there.

To be fair, Noah is as much a journalist as Stelter is.

Some people stay up to watch him, but that doesn’t mean they have a brain.

CNN does seem Hell-bent on putting themselves out of business.

More power to them.


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