Michelle Obama sure seems angry with ‘women’ for letting Trump beat Hillary.

Maybe she missed it, but Hillary was one of the most unpopular and baggage-heavy candidates maybe EVER from the Democratic party … and they ran Andrew Jackson.

But yeah, tell us more about how it’s women’s fault. It’s so helpful to the Dems during the midterms this year.

The irony that her own husband beat Hillary in the 2008 primary is probably lost on her.

He’s right you know.


Those pesky facts always getting in the way of the narrative.


We love this.

Hey Michelle, what say you about supporting the patriarchy when your husband beat Hillary in 2008? Were you also disappointed in women when they voted for him instead of Hillary? Asking for a friend.

Yes, yes he is.

Democrats think very, very little of the people they supposedly represent.

Look at how Michelle talks about women? Like they’re too dumb to know they should have voted for Hillary because she has XX chromosomes.

At least we think she does.


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