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DA-YUM! ‘The Young JERK’ Cenk Uygur gets a RUDE awakening after UGLY attack on Kanye West

Cenk Uygur sounds like a bitter ex-girlfriend in this tweet about Kanye West.


Angry highschool girl, right?

And please, Cenk is the last person who should call anyone dumb, narcissistic and shamless.

From the mouths of babes.

And that is the reality of Kanye. Whether or not you agree with him politically (and for this editor the jury is still out on this one), calling Kanye dumb is a lazy and weak attempt by Cenk to write off someone with influence who disagrees with him.

The nerve of Kanye for not thinking the way Cenk wants him to.


Even people who typically watch and agree with Cenk disagreed with his take here:


Face it. When the Left feels they have been betrayed by a woman, a minority or a member of the gay community, they go into full-out attack mode, as we’ve seen over the past few days with Tom Arnold, Perez Hilton, Shaun King and now Cenk.

They can’t deal with the fact that someone like Kanye isn’t in their corner politically.

Seems Kanye isn’t overly concerned with Cenk’s dig at him …

And we love it.


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