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Daddy issues? Lauren Duca gets DRAGGED for twisted take on Jay Feely's prom photo of his daughter

As Twitchy reported yesterday, kicker Jay Feely posted a photo of his daughter with her date on prom night that legitimately freaked the Left out, especially gun harpies. It was a photo based on one of the oldest jokes ever told, but as we all know the Left isn’t exactly known for having a sense of humor.


About anything.

Here is the tweet:

Finger off the trigger, gun pointed to the ground … daughter and date smiling.

Clearly a joke.

But that didn’t stop joyless feminist Lauren Duca from sharing a fairly twisted and very ugly take on it:

That’s not what he’s doing here.

At all.

This photo was about reminding the guy taking Jay’s daughter to prom that he better treat his daughter well and be on his best behavior. That’s it. Only a depraved person who doesn’t really understand a father/daughter relationship would think otherwise.


Sense of humor?


Outrage queen.


Totally using that.

Gosh, Lauren, this went well.

Seems that way.


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