Ok SMOD, you’ve been teasing us for years … any day now.

James Woods found perhaps one of the craziest tweets we’ve seen maybe ever on Twitter and considering the crazy and awful we as Twitchy editors read through that says so much.

If Hitler was trans Zinnia would want to make sure he can have the surgery to make him into a ‘woman’. Scratch that, she’d want to make sure taxpayers are stuck with the bill to make him Hilterina.

While there are plenty of people who would likely be fine with Hilter painfully losing his manhood in some sort of punishment or accident (with pliers), the idea that Hitler deserved anything other than a painful death is laughable.



Who are these people?

Blue check, man. So not only is this person really real, but according to Twitter’s own verification rules, he/she has been validated.


Dude, wow.


This is starting to make our heads hurt.


Join the club.


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