Kurt Schlichter cracks us up.

In a good way.

Even if this editor doesn’t always agree with what he tweets or writes the way people react to him is always entertaining. The man could tweet that grass is green and some Resistance type would find a way to claim it was racist and screech at him for hours, so imagine what happens when he actually tweets something clearly meant to trigger:


And we’re not entirely sure what it was about Kurt’s tweet that triggered this response from Kimberley Johnson but we found it hilarious and not in a good way.

Whoa boy.

Jesus would pray for Hillary, but he wouldn’t vote for her.

Clearly, this gal is totally confused.

Probably a good guess.

We just rolled our eyes so hard we may have actually hurt ourselves.

Troll is going to troll.

She was really really really trying hard to be funny.

And she really really really failed.

HA! Ok, now that was funny.

Wouldn’t hold your breath on this.

If only Kimberley had been this clever.

Oh well, we’ll just pray for her because if anyone needs Jesus it’s this lady.


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