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OOF! Stephen Colbert gets a 'Putin's c*ck holster' sized reality-SLAM for whining about media environment

You know that scene in the movie Frankenstein where the doctor finally figures out the monster he created is turning on him? That’s what Stephen Colbert looks like whining about the divided and quite frankly gross media environment he helped create.


From Mediaite:

“Tonight, on ‘What Have We Become?’ if you had told me five years ago that we would be champing at the bit to get stories about Donald Trump’s naked, sweaty body wreaking havoc on a hotel duvet, you would have said, ‘No way! Now let’s watch Sharknado. They’re only going to make one of these!’” Colbert said. “

Granted, at the end of his monologue he also said this:

All that being said, give me them spanky, stanky anecdotes! I’m a super-freak… and it feels good to be bad.”

So let’s not pretend he really changed his tune all that much.

And what’s this ‘we’ crap?

Colbert is so poetic.

You have to remember that liberalism is a mental disorder.


It can get very, very tiresome.

Literally Colbert.



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