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Take a SEAT! S.E. Cupp puts John Cusack in his place with just 1 tweet and it's GLORIOUS

John Cusack is strange.

Ok, so we all knew that from his behavior over the years, but this tweet about S.E. Cupp comes off as … well, creepy weird.

We realize he was trying to impress his followers for taking on the big, mean Conservative woman but c’mon man:


Uniformed cowardly conservative?


Honestly, we’re shocked John Cusack didn’t have S.E. Cupp blocked considering this guy has roughly 99% of Twitter blocked.

The irony of him whining about anyone blocking him is THICK.

And boom.

Take a seat.

HAAAA. Perfect!


You’re gonna have to pick one.


And not even close.

S.E. Cupp has a way of taking out the trash and smiling while she does it.


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