Brian. Fox News just isn’t that into you. Move on.

We knew Brian’s frothing would be at an all-time high after the news broke about Sean Hannity being the third person Cohen was protecting yesterday, but this is pretty catty and petty even for him.

Which is saying a lot

Awww, you know Brian loves being able to let other people say mean things he thinks but doesn’t have the cojones to say himself, in essence using them as a political shield. He probably even feels validated because another ‘mean girl’ agrees with him.

And seriously, does he even realize he works for CNN?


This seems to be going swimmingly, Brian.

But Hannity! Fox! Truuuuuuuump.

Brian’s whole timeline is a mess of Hannity and Fox News:

Psst … dude, you work for a network that employed Donna Brazile who in turn gave Hillary Clinton questions before a debate. Are you sure you really wanna talk about someone needing a media ethicist?

That’s adorbs.


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