Abortion advocates seem to be working overtime to prove that unborn babies are ‘just fetuses’ and somehow not human or alive so that means sucking them out with a vacuum or dissolving them in utero is somehow not killing them.

Or murdering them.

But if you think about it, abortion is premeditated, you don’t accidentally have an abortion …

From Harpers Bazaar (we’ll save you the click):

There are a great many facts that conservatives feel comfortable ignoring when it comes to the abortion debate. They can pretend that fetuses are indistinguishable from babies, despite the fact that medical evidence tells us that fetuses cannot live unsupported, even with a respirator before 21 weeks. They can pretend that they feel pain, even though scientific consensus tells us that until at least 24 weeks, a fetus cannot feel anything like pain because they do not yet have the brain connections to do so.

That’s cute, a pro-abort accusing we conservatives of ignoring facts about abortion when she and others like her are more than willing to ignore the most important fact of all, life is life and an unborn baby is a separate LIFE.

Science anyone?

Pregnancy is dangerous, but so is driving a car or flying in a plane. The notion that women should kill unborn babies to save their own lives is a fairly selfish and quite honestly disgusting talking point from the pro-aborts.


Many people were on this thread explaining to Wright how and why she was wrong, but none were quite as powerful as hearing from a preemie parent …

Considering earlier and earlier premature babies are surviving as technology improves, the narrative that if a baby can’t exist outside of the womb it should be ok to abort them is losing a lot of steam.

Thank goodness.



Pro-aborts, they’re so silly.


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