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SUCK IT! Laura Ingraham THANKS Lefties (especially David Hogg) for boycotting her show, guess WHY

One day the Left will figure out that boycotting the Right backfires.

A lot.

In fact, almost every time.

When Delta caved and cut off benefits for NRA members they were in danger of losing a huge tax credit.


When Dick’s decided to not only ban the sale of assault rifles but to destroy them as well, their earnings tanked.

And then when David Hogg came out and tried to destroy Laura Ingraham for making fun of his inability to get into college …

Poor David.

Even now the Left’s ‘golden child (or is that adult)’ is plotting his next boycott. PLEASE let it be Twitchy! (ha!)

Oh yeeeeeah, the NRA had a 10% increase in memberships.

Thanks, David.

Nice try, punkin, but no.


Every person, group, and company that has held fast in the face of a boycott has done well, the ones who caved, not so much.

Nice try, Lefties.


‘SPELLCHECK’: After David Hogg promises another boycott Twitter starts #DavidHoggsNextBoycott and OMG-LOL

‘We’re going to FILET you.’ Meghan McCain TEARS into Comey about his upcoming appearance on The View

Heap big PC! Vox’s Dylan Matthews makes an ass of himself explaining why THIS word should be banned

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