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WOW: Nick Short notices something F'D UP about the 'What Syrians are Saying about US strikes' Twitter Moment

If you use Twitter, you can’t help but notice they have what they call, ‘Twitter Moments,’ where they build their own stories using tweets from their users.


Ahem, where have we seen THAT before? *eye roll*

Anywho, one of their latest ‘Twitter Moments’ pieces was focused on Syria called, ‘What Syrians are saying about the US-led military strikes,’ and Nick Short noticed something ‘interesting’ about the tweets and the users they chose to include in this particular moment.


You’d think Twitter would spend a little time looking through the timelines of the accounts they feature in their moments. Heck, even we Twitchy editors try to be careful about who we feature in our stories …

An account in Pakistan calling the US cowards is probably a giant red flag Twitter Moments folks, just sayin’.



So is this one of those Russian bot things? No?

Another thing Twitchy editors try to avoid while writing stories is featuring accounts with few tweets and fewer followers … they are usually trolls or fake accounts. Maybe Twitter could learn a thing or two from the OG tweet aggregates.

Hey, at least Twitter has stopped pretending they’re not biased, right?


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