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Gonna leave a MARK! James Woods uses Jimmy Kimmel to SLAM ... Jimmy Kimmel, and it's GLORIOUS

You know what they say about tigers and how they never really change their stripes?

Wonder if the same can be said of Jimmy Kimmel …


Super classy Jimmy.

We especially like how he pretends to hump her from behind when she can’t see him.

A real gentleman indeed.

These people.

This. ^

The Man Show was fairly successful because of gross behavior like this, so it’s not all that shocking to see this footage from the show. But, when Jimmy spends a good deal of his time now pretending he’s some sort of advocate for women’s rights (remember how he apologized to Hannity and made a #MeToo dig at him), this sort of behavior makes him look like a giant hypocrite.

At least not for him.


Bad look, Jimmy.


Ooooh, that’s right.

And since he’s a Lefty it’s ‘all in good fun,’ right?


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