Surely no normal person would take issue with Ivanka Trump tweeting out about #HolocaustMemorialDay on the eve of Yom Hashoah, right?

Wait, normal person.

Never mind.

See below:

Ivanka sent this quite powerful tweet and for some reason, it so bothered Bill Prady, the producer of the Big Bang Theory, that he felt the need to make a fairly ugly dig at Ivanka over her dad.

As she tweeted about the Holocaust.

Think about that.


We get it, Bill, you don’t like her dad.

But maybe this wasn’t the most opportune time to tweet something quite this ugly and awful.

Then again, is there ever really an opportune time to use the Holocaust to make a dig at the President of the United States?

Anything for that ‘gotcha,’ don’cha know.

That might actually be their new official name.

All about sticking it to Trump.

Yeah, that’s not happening.

Gettin’ personal up in here.

Guess you could say he started it though.


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