The Sean Spicer parody, @sean_spicier, has been very, very busy between Syria, John Kerry and of course, Hillary’s fake sex tape.

Thank THE LORD it was fake, y’all … which sadly didn’t stop 250k people from watching it.

Or maybe it was just Peter Daou watching it over and over again.

HA, you were thinking it!

Anyway, in the traditional Spicier fashion, our favorite parody has once again brought out the dumbest of the dumb and it’s all right here in one place for your enjoyment. Yay!

This person clearly needs to use more ellipsis.

Maybe they were going for dramatic effect?

The tweet about John Kerry lying about chemical weapons in Syria though really freaked them out:

And yet here they are, caring about what he has to say.

Ironic ain’t it?

For being a punk? Sarah has a bigger pair of WHAT exactly?

This never gets old.


And speaking of the opposite of hot:


Just thinking about someone clicking a video they think MIGHT be Hillary having sex makes us do an all-over body shiver gross-out.

But wait, there’s more!

But tell us how you really feel.


Wait, is this a Russia thing? It’s hard to tell these days.

A person telling a parody account they have no self-worth.

These are the moments that make Twitter bearable.


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