Jim Swift, the Deputy Online Editor for The Weekly Standard, seems to have a beef with Twitchy.

But we’re not taking it personally.

We understand that our content is not his cup of tea and we appreciate that we’re not always for everyone. Ultimately we try to inform people and if we can make some of them laugh along the way then why not? That’s what makes us … us. And honestly, we like us.

Here’s the thing though, while we absolutely appreciate constructive criticism and are always more than willing to correct errors, if someone spends a lot of their time scouring our feed looking for headlines to be outraged about he or she might need to get out more.

For example, Jim seems troubled with this story:

From Cleveland of all places … ok?

And if you read the story you’ll notice the editor doesn’t endorse the woman who has so ‘triggered’ Jim in the piece.

He seems to think the story is bad for the #2A.


Alrighty then.

This isn’t the first (or likely the last) time Jim has taken issue with a Twitchy piece …

Why would Jim be angry at us for giving Rob Reiner a hard time for subtweeting Roseanne?

Oh, he’s sensitive about people calling Rob fat … we get it.

Our bad, Jim.

The irony, right?

To be honest, Jim’s criticisms seem a tad on the petty side …

Maybe he just wants us to write about him more.

See? We think he wants us to write about him more.

Don’t worry Jim, we see you.

Narrator, it didn’t end up as a column.

Also, while we can neither confirm nor deny his association with the Twitchy parody account that showed up a couple of months back, he does indeed share a good many of their tweets.

We love our parody, we just wish they were a little funnier, that’s all.

Oooh, French!

Who knew capital letters could so enrage someone?

Twitter. Psh.

Editor’s note: We can’t WAIT for the screenshots!


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