If you find yourself taking screenshots of people you disagree with so you can mock them WITHOUT tagging them to defend themselves you might want to rethink how you Twitter because that is WEAK.

For some reason, @UrbanAchievr took it upon himself to screenshot one of Mollie Hemingway’s tweets so he could use it to openly mock and insult her in a subtweet.

Gosh, this seems super mature. And brave.

Oh, and speaking of super mature:

Jennifer Rubin had to pile on like the petty and mean woman she has become. It seriously reads like she and Brandt are trying to recreate the movie ‘Mean Girls’; we’re pretty sure Brandt is the one who thinks he has ‘ESPN.’

Luckily, Conservative Twitter came to Mollie’s defense because many of them know that if you have an issue with someone you take it up with THEM and leave their kids out of it.

It is.

We’re not sure at this point if Rubin can be better.

Mean Girls, see?

Don’t look at us, we just work here.

Trump Derangement Syndrome is what happened to her.

There were a few people coming to Rubin’s defense, claiming that either she was right about Mollie (classy) OR that this was just a common phrase and not really a personal dig at Mollie’s kids.

No one bought that, by the way.

Oh, if Mollie had said this about a Trump critic she’d be labeled a bigot and a racist instantaneously and people would be calling for her job.

Exactly. If your hate for Trump turns you into someone who behaves like Trump, it might be time to put that Twitter down and do some serious self-reflecting.