After Ted Cruz dropped a serious hammer on conservative censorship during Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony earlier this week, seems the good senator from Texas is on the warpath against unfair and targeted censoring of those on the Right.

For example, Facebook rejected an ad for a GOP candidate as ‘shocking and offensive’ because it was pro-life and pro-#2A:

From American Action News:

Aric Nesbitt […] said he tried to “boost” his online campaign announcement when the social media giant blocked it and sent him a message calling it “shocking and disrespectful material.”

He said the announcement consisted of his basic policy platform of “limited government,” lower taxes, defending the unborn and protecting the Second Amendment.

Carlson said that left-wing Silicon Valley may have taken issue with the last two.

Super classy, Facebook.

Not an unfair point.

At this rate, it seems like more and more people are dumping the platform.

And with good reason.

Their hypocrisy knows no limits.

This. ^

But only speech they disagree with.


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