Today, Congress is questioning Mark Zuckerberg about the part Facebook may have played in the 2016 election.

Yes, it’s totally thrilling, we know.

Iowahawk perhaps said it best:

What a shiznit show, right?

Luckily Iowahawk went on to set the entire scene …

Ya’ think?

Sounds like a Bond movie, but more entertaining.

Damn skippy.


That shouldn’t be too difficult.

Considering the rumor floating around is that Zuckerberg has donated money to something like 85% of the committee ‘grilling’ him. Conflict much?

We can see it now …

Congressman: Mr. Zuckerberg, you didn’t mean to do anything wrong, right?
Mark: Right.
Congressman: Sweet, all done.

Sure they have, everybody likes cat memes.


And true.


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