Brit Hume shared a piece from The Federalist about how Robert Mueller laid a ‘trap’ for Trump …

From The Federalist:

Special counsel Robert Mueller has reportedly advised Donald Trump’s lawyers that the president is a “subject” but not a “target” of Mueller’s investigation.

He continues:

So, how does the prosecutor get the “target” to voluntarily submit to interrogation or testify before the grand jury? He tells defense counsel that the “target” is merely a “subject” of the investigation. Believe it or not, this frequently causes defense counsel and their clients to think they may have a chance of talking their way out of trouble.

But frequently, after the so-called “subject” has given his version of events, the prosecutor changes the witness’s designation from a mere “subject” to a “target.” This usually takes place about a nanosecond before the “target” is indicted.


And of course, simply sharing this piece freaked people the eff out. Granted, Brit could tweet that the sky is blue and someone would find a way to accuse him of being racist for choosing just one color but we digress.

Tyler seems angry.

This person did not read the article.

Sharing an article is eroding his credibility?


So, when do we start talking about midterms? Anyone?

It’s gonna be LIT.


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