We’re starting to wonder if Ben Rhodes needs an intervention where his friends and family do nothing but hold a mirror up to his face so he can take a good, long look at himself in hopes he gains a sliver of self-awareness.

Because WOW, Ben has got to be the least self-aware person on Twitter, especially when he tweets stuff like this:

Ben worked for a guy whose Syrian strategy was all about drawing magical red lines. But sure, that makes him some sort of expert on foreign policy …

Not even once.

What he said.

Psh, why should he start now?

There was actually this whole concept of using yellow and green lines as well, that never quite made it out to the public.


But considering we had a president who thought drawing red lines would deter a monster from killing his own people, it was totally believable, right?

Let the adults clean up your mess, Ben.


HA! Hey, it’s a living.


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