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Narrative BUSTED: Conservatives CELEBRATE marriage of two, gay Conservative men (and it's lovely)

Two of our most favorite Conservative gay voices in social media, Chad Felix Greene, and his NEW HUSBAND Jacob Greene, got MARRIED yesterday and OMG they are so gloriously happy together.


Chad shared this teaser earlier in the day:

Now, some of us sort of knew it was coming (ahem), but that didn’t stop us from being SUPER excited for both of them.


Now, the Left would have you believe that Conservatives are evil haters who attack gay people and don’t want them to be happy, and they definitely don’t want them getting hitched. Luckily we know the Left is full of crap (on most things), but you can look through reactions FROM Conservatives on this thread and watch as the Left’s narrative is totally busted.

Big meanie.


Hrm, surely a bunch of hate will show up here soon.


Nope, no hate yet.

Just lots and lots of happiness and congratulations coming through … even from Sally Kohn herself.

And Chad, being Chad, used this as an opportunity to educate Sally.


Congrats Chad and Jacob! We’re so happy for you both!


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