Wendy’s is literally one of our top 10 favorite Twitter accounts. Forget that their single stack is DELICIOUS (ok, it’s super close to lunch here for this editor), but the personality behind this account, whoever it is, has a great sense of humor.

Which we here at Twitchy totally dig.

For example:

Good gravy, what happened to that sign?!

YAAAAAS. Burgers and a reference to one of our favorite movies of all time.

Who’s the boss? Wendy’s is the BOSS.

Ok, this editor is officially hungry now.

They’re the key master, duh.

Choose the form of your DESTRUCTOR!

We see what you did there.

See what we mean? The whole thread is like this.



That ^

That would be RAD.

Oh Zuuly you not now. – Pete Venkman


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