We cover a lot of stupid, angry and un-funny people on Twitter. Hey, it’s what happens when you dedicate most of your time to writing about politics because let’s face it, 2018 politically is pretty stupid, angry and un-funny already.

Which is why when something this good comes across our timelines we have to write about it.

Like these two guys asking Wendy’s to ‘roast’ them.

And Wendy’s obliged:



What is UP with those t-shirts?


It is definitely the best fast food account and in our humble opinion, rivals other ‘corporate’ accounts as well.

Although Steak-Umms is getting up there and developing a pretty rad following, even without their blue checkmark.

This crossed our minds as well, but the fidget spinner line is great.

Especially if you tweet to them about McDonald’s.

Damn, we love this Twitter account.


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