Another day, another gaggle of menopausal men attacking Jenna Jameson for being a Trump supporter. It’s interesting really, the same men who claim that Trump is a sexist monster say far more horrible things to Jenna than we’ve ever seen from the president …

Hypocrites the lot of ’em.

This time the horde was triggered by these tweets, which actually made us lol:

Yes, they will screech even when no one is listening.

It’s all they know how to do.

Syphilitically demented dotard.


See? They’re so easily worked up, poor things. Perhaps they should try a little more bran in their diets.

Calling these people thick is an insult to thick people.

But …


Gosh, what can you say to such a thought-provoking tweet?

Oh yeah.


Talking about Nuclear War is enough to impeach a president. Seriously dude?

And his legs.


Right? It’s getting a little old.

And dead.

Look, another typical sexist attack from the tolerant Left.

More from Jenna.

Dude, c’mon.


Sit down.


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