Bernie, Bernie, Bernie.

C’mon man.

Dude, you were ALIVE when America passed the Equal Pay Act in 1963, which would mean Iceland is NOT the first country to make it illegal to pay men more than women.

We know, he’s pushing the wage gap myth to in someway pretend it’s not illegal to pay women less based on their sex, but it is. The law can’t force women to work in jobs that pay them more, that’s just not how this works, Bernie.

His supporters will eat it up. Nearly 57k ‘favs’ on this nonsense …

Maybe he was too busy getting kicked out of a commune for being lazy?

But Bernie earns enough to have three homes. Hilarious ain’t it, watching hypocrites like him pander to the poor?

There is even an agency under the federal government that goes after corporations who try and pay women less based on sex alone, see the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission).


Well duh.

But, but, but TRUUUUUMP!

Reality-check, Bernie.

It is Bernie supporters we’re talking about here.


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