There are still so many things we don’t know enough about from the 2016 election. Did Russia play a part? Whose side was James Comey really on? Does Chelsea Clinton worship Satan?


Well, she cleared that up for us ya’ know, just in case there were any doubts:

From The Hill:

Chelsea Clinton on Wednesday denied that she practices Satanism after a Trump supporter on Twitter took the former first daughter’s exchange of New Year’s wishes with the Church of Satan to mean she was affiliated with the group.

“I’m a Methodist & my husband is Jewish, thank you for asking,” Clinton responded to the woman.

Apparently, the Church of Satan was tagged into a conversation Clinton was having with Chrissy Teigen and she wished them a Happy New Year.

So clearly that makes her a Satanist, right?

What a silly time to be alive.

Awww, THAT’S right.


*snort again*


Here’s the exchange that caused some on Twitter to wonder about Clinton’s faith:

Hooters, Chelsea Clinton and Satan, all in the same thread.

And to think, Twitter is free.


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