Tucker Carlson has done it now. How dare he tell the Left to stop calling everyone racists, and start treating everyone as individuals. Clearly, that makes him the head of the KKK, right?

At least according to Brianna Wu it does.

So because Carlson said people are individuals (and not just their race), that makes Fox News the KKK’s television station.

Granted, this is the same woman who thought the military would drop rocks from the moon to kill people on Earth (no, we’re not making this up), so the fact that she sees his statements about working to do away with racism as racism isn’t all that shocking.

And to think, this broad is running for office.

Democrats, you sure can pick ’em.

It’s the moon rocks, man.

He would never stop throwing up if he saw some of these SJWs and listened to their nonsense.

Heh, yup!

They have tried time and time again to pretend Lincoln was a Democrat so anything is possible.

The irony of Wu’s own racist reaction to Tucker’s monologue is probably lost on her.

2018 is getting off to a GREAT start.


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