We miss Andrew Breitbart.

Every day.

There is a noticeable voice missing in the ‘fight’ for the country, and seeing the shiznit-storm around Bannon just reminds us even more of the hit the movement took when Breitbart passed nearly six years ago.

And yes, Andrew would never stop throwing up if he saw the current state of politics in this country.

Even in death, Andrew Breitbart triggers these morons.

C’mon man, we know he made many of you cry like weepy old women but making up these sorts of lies when he’s not here to defend himself is just small.

What a jack-a-ninny.

Seems Shapiro agrees with us.

But that won’t stop him from talking smack.

It’s all they know how to do.

Democrats have so badly abused the word ‘racism’ it has lost any and all meaning. Honestly, they’ve done more harm to minorities than any actual racist because at this point when they insist someone is racist it’s just more noise.


Something like that.

Brian knows Andrew is not here to defend himself so he can talk all the trash he wants.

Pathetic, ain’t it?

Progs are gonna prog.

It’s the progressive way.



DAAAMN son! Donald Trump Jr. NUT-punches Steve Bannon with just 1 tweet (assist from Dana Loesch)