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So. Much. D'OH! Dana Loesch blasts SJW rag Big Think for calling 'The Simpsons' RACIST


Why can’t SJWs leave things alone? It’s like they’re not happy unless they can destroy any and everything that makes others happy. Like ‘The Simpsons,’ specifically the character of Apu.


From Big Thing (saved you the click):

At least that’s what actor and comedian Hari Kondabolu is asking in his new documentary, “The Problem with Apu.” Twenty-eight seasons ago Apu Nahasapeemapetilon was introduced as the owner of Kwik E-Mart in The Simpsons. He quickly became one of the show’s main punching bags, a trend that did not limit itself to the show. Being one of the first mainstream gateways into Indian culture, his character ended up hurting Indian-Americans and the representation of India broadly. As Kondabolu reports in a round-table with four other Indians, every one of them was bullied by being called Apu in their youth.

Ugh, it’s that Kondabolu guy again.

Maybe he missed it but …


And roommates.


They seem to be taking wokeness a TINY bit too far.

Someone thought this was a good thing to write about. Granted, we thought it was good enough to write about and mock so it all works out.


But we love him anyway.


LMAO –> Sally Kohn shares NYT ‘feminist’ piece blaming Lauer for Hillary’s loss (hilarity ensues)

OUCH: James Woods has just 1 WORD for unhinged Trump-hater Scott Dworkin, and it’s BRUTAL

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