Jon Stewart may have come up with the best description of the Senate that we’ve seen a long time. Granted, we’re pretty sure he didn’t mean for it to backfire in John Fetterman’s face BUT here we are. This is the joy of Twitter …

Unless you’re Fetterman.

From The Hill:

Comedian and political commentator Jon Stewart joked that the U.S. Senate is like “an assisted living facility,” reflecting on his time spent on Capitol Hill fighting for benefits for veterans, first responders, and their families.

“Our country is held together by hundreds of really talented legislative aides,” Stewart said on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS.” “Their bosses, many times, are wind-up dolls… if you go down there, especially the Senate, is like an assisted living facility.”

Although, if we’re being fair, this could be the House as well. Term limits, anyone? Just spitballin’.

Steeze with the simple takedown:


And yet, accurate.

Yikes, Jon shouldn’t be so mean to Fetterman.


Because of COURSE.

That he did.



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