Alving Bragg’s case against Trump, while never all that strong in the first place, appears to be falling apart and he knows it. Otherwise, he wouldn’t try so hard to pretend he’s still doing the right thing and is not politically motivated IN ANY WAY.

Big thanks to Chad Pergram for sharing what Bragg put out there as news breaks about the NY grand jury not hearing his case for at least the rest of this week.

Awww, he’s just protecting various participants and stuff.



Fully and fairly.

This is the same guy who refuses to prosecute actual criminals … keep that in mind.

Impartially uphold the rule of law.

Is that why he’s going after a case even the feds couldn’t make? Because he’s impartial?


This is not about being immune or above the law, this is about calling a witch hunt a witch hunt.

And THIS is a witch hunt.

A political, biased, unfair, partial witch hunt.


There is no real precedent for what Bragg is trying to pull either so whatever dude.

LOVE it when the Left suddenly wants to use the 10th Amendment.

Federal framework.


Things aren’t going so hot for Bragg:

Yeah, this seems like a pretty big deal. Technically, Cohen paid Stormy, not Trump. If they want to prosecute Cohen again …

Just sayin’.




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