Awww, there’s nothing like the bringers of tolerance losing their minds because a single hockey player refuses to wear an LGBTQIA+ (cripes that’s getting longer, lol) jersey due to his own religious beliefs. And you know, he shouldn’t have to wear the damn jersey and he shouldn’t have to release a statement as to WHY he won’t BUT this is 2023 and everything is dumb.

And getting dumber.

James Reimer released a statement about refusing the jersey and sportswriter Lindsay Gibbs whose entire focus in writing on sexism in sports (you know she’s a lot of fun at birthday parties) LOST her mind. Look at her ridiculous thread:

We’re pretty sure Jesus isn’t overly concerned about a jersey, Lindsay, but He probably does care about his soul, his heart, etcetera.

It’s a JERSEY, lady.

No one said otherwise.

Right. It’s a jersey. Why are you so worked up about it?

And again, you know she’s a blast to hang out with.



And no.

Not enough Snickers bars in the WORLD to fix this broad.

Just sayin’.


It’s a pretty gross thread but you know, we didn’t expect much more or less reading her bio.


There it is.



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