Considering Billy is Alec Baldwin’s brother? He should probably sit this one out.

But he won’t because he’s a Hollywood troll and thinks this will somehow score him some relevance points. We get it, the only thing that’s worse than being talked about is NOT being talked about but still … this was bad, even for the dumbest Baldwin. Oh, and note how he’s trying to egg on violence over the rumored arrest of Trump on Tuesday WHICH Trump’s spokesperson said was based on illegal media leaks.

The Left wants violence.

The Left wants another opportunity to paint us all as violent domestic terrorists.

And they think we’re the bad guys when they tweet hate like this:

Classy, right?

When it comes to the brothers? Don’t think so.

Hey, we see what he did here.

C’mon now, he’s a Baldwin – the odds of him having a thought at all are pretty limited.

He’s actually joking about it.

Because he sucks.

Ouch. And that’s REALLY sayin’ something.

Editor’s note: We updated the headline on this because while Adam Baldwin is a Baldwin, he’s NOT a Baldwin bro and not a POS. Thanks! sj



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