Almost a year ago TO THE DAY, this so-called pastor asked a similar question about Republican women. Almost like John Pavlovitz is nothing more than a giant, annoying, boil on the butt of humanity trolling for attention on Twitter.


He tweeted this, this morning.

Compared to this nonsense he wrote last year:

This ‘pastor’ clearly has an issue with Republican women which you know, makes him a misogynist but whatever.

What she said.

Yeah, he’s a jerk.

Not EVEN sorry.

While there are plenty of intelligent actual REPUBLICAN women on the thread calling this ‘pastor’ out, the number of misogynist douchebags blaming racism, oppression, and talking about Republican women being bossed around by their husbands … what a bunch of clueless morons.

And it only makes sense that they follow one of the biggest and most clueless morons of all.



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