How does that old saying go? Screw someone over once, shame on you. Screw someone over twice, shame on them? Because that’s the feeling this editor is getting while reading Michael Shellenberger’s thread about how a former FBI official responsible for the disinformation campaign about Russian bots is now making a similar claim about Ukraine.


Made the same face.

Take a gander:

He’s not kidding.

From the New York Times:

The report also said that Russia appears to be stepping up influence operations outside Ukraine, in a push to weaken European and American support for continuing military aid, intelligence sharing and other assistance to the Ukrainian government. The effort would come as a faction in the Republican Party — and some in the Democratic Party — argues that supporting Ukraine is not a core interest for the United States.

Sound familiar?

But Twitter Files is no big deal and stuff, right?


It’s never been about the truth – it’s always been about the narrative.


Putin sympathizers!

See, we were right, it DOES sound familiar.

They want to make it even SCARIER.

There’s always a good reason to distrust the New York Times.

And sadly, some former FBI officials.



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