Ted Lieu … and here we thought only Eric Swalwell could give Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez a run for her money as the dumbest Democrat in the House. Ted is really working hard to get himself in the running although if we’re being honest, we’re not entirely sure he’s going to ever outdo a guy who farted on national television or a socialist under an ethics investigation for not paying workers.

But hey, he gave it the old Democrat try by picking a fight with Ben Shapiro about child hunger:

Ted is, of course, missing the bigger picture that Ben is talking about. Then again, Democrats have never been big-picture people and probably do think a child having one meal a day somehow solves child hunger. It’s a much bigger issue than that but Ted is more concerned about scoring points on Ben than he is actually feeding children.

Ben fired back.

But hey, nice try Ted.

Ultimately, Ted was trying to make Ben look HEARTLESS for understanding that poverty is much bigger than a school lunch but as usual, that didn’t go over so hot for Ted. We get it, Ted figures picking a fight with someone like Ben (even if he does get whooped) will get him a lot of clicks, taps, and attention but still.


Seems pretty obvious unless you’re a raging insane Democrat looking for cred with other insane Democrats.



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