This Stanford story is just unbelievable. Ok, so that’s not fair, sadly it’s all too believable BUT luckily, the bada*ses at the Free Beacon have been all over it. We especially like how the Stanford students who terrorized a dean and their fellow students basically for wrong-think are now angry that we know who they are.

These same students complaining that Free Beacon covering them will result in targeting and bullying LITERALLY targeted and bullied their fellow students. And a DEAN. Remember kids, karma is only a b*tch when you are first. Take a look at this thread from Aaron Sibarium:

Wow, woke garbage and identity politics have turned Stanford into a serious s**thole.

Sorry, not EVEN sorry.


Ooh, ooh … WE KNOW!

Nope, not in the least.

Gosh, you’d think a Stanford student would know better.

Again, no.

Maybe these students should spend more time studying and less time harassing, targeting, and bullying deans and their fellow students.

Get your popcorn, this will likely only get more entertaining.



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