Woke. Equity. What stupid times we’re living in.

It sure seems like our pals on the Left like to pretend people with brains in their heads (otherwise known as people on the Right) don’t understand the super-important and meaningful definition of woke. Yeah, we rolled our eyes as well. What they need to admit is they just keep on making up words and changing definitions of words to excuse their crap, ridiculous, and honestly embarrassing narratives.

Like woke.

Luckily, Dave Rubin was more than happy to educate everyone (especially TED LIEU) on what woke REALLY means.

Racialized and sexualized socialism.


And DAMN, that’s good – that could actually and literally be the definition of woke if modern dictionaries hadn’t themselves gone totally woke.

Yes, everything is stupid.

Keep going.

Poor Ted Lieu … dude just keeps on stepping on his own … ummm … foot.

Yeah, that’s it. Foot.

It only got worse for ol’ Ted:

Yeah, congrats, big guy!


Told you guys it was brutal.

Think Ted knows what the definition of woke is NOW? Seems pretty damn obvious to us.



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