Now, we’re not going to shout something ugly and hateful like, ‘We’re going to impeach the mother f**ker,’ like some other not-so-classy Democrats after they took the House in 2018 BUT we are doing an internal fist-pump knowing that Republicans winning the House THIS year is going to be a lot of fun.

The best fun.

The most fun.

For example, sounds like House Republicans have finally been given access to Biden’s foreign banking documents. Earlier we reported that the first SARS (suspicious activity report) shows China sent money to three different Bidens.

Not just any ol’ banking documents, FOREIGN banking documents. Ruh-roh.

From Fox News:

House Republicans will receive access to President Biden’s foreign banking documents, House Oversight Committee Chairman James Comer says.

Comer made the announcement during a televised appearance with Sean Hannity on Fox News late Monday night. Comer says his committee came to an agreement with the Treasury Department to allow access to documents relating to Biden and his family, including Hunter Biden.

“We just got word that Treasury said they will give us access,” Comer told Hannity on Monday.

Last month, Comer sent requests to President Biden’s brother and Hunter Biden’s business partner, Eric Schwerin, for records as Republicans probe whether members of the Biden family leveraged Joe Biden’s position as vice president to “sell access around the world.”

The committee’s investigation comes as the federal investigation into Hunter Biden continues into its fifth year.


He’s gotta have his 10% ya’ know.

We have lots and lots of crooks then.

Yes, let’s.



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